Weekly and Biweekly Cleanings

​Depending on how big your space is or how frequently you have activities in your apace, it is bound to need cleaning as regularly as possible. We have adequate staff capacity that will provide top-notch cleaning service whenever you need them. We keep track of every cleaning appointment you have with us, be it weekly or biweekly. We do not disappoint as we provide maid cleaners for your space as and when due. Our cleaners operate with the same standard of efficiency, so you do not have to worry about a cleaner not being as thorough as the last.

Weekly Cleaning Services
Our weekly cleaning services ensure that we provide cleaners for your space every week, whether you’re around or not, depending on our arrangement. We have a roaster for the cleaners, so everyone knows when and where they are to report. Our in-house staff system ensures that you are not disappointed. When you engage our services, there will never be a situation of our cleaners not showing up at the scheduled time. We clean every corner every week. We believe that a place can never be too clean, so we touch every single area every time we show up. Equipped with the necessary cleaning apparatus, you are rest assured of a quality job.

Biweekly Cleaning Services
This is usually scheduled by offices and businesses that witness frequent customer and staff activities every day and require regular cleaning services to keep the office space clean. A biweekly cleaning schedule will ensure your space maintains a clean and attractive outlook. Our staff rotation system ensures that your biweekly cleaning schedule is met, and our staff deliver a top-notch cleaning service. We are consistent with the quality of our cleaning service delivery because we know that repeat business is good business, and we always want you to come back.

Weekly And Biweekly Cleaning Services For Both Residential And Commercial Buildings
Our cleaning services are available to both residential buildings and commercial buildings. We have a staff strength that can adequately cater for these two types of buildings. For residential buildings, we are capable of cleaning both the interior and the exterior of your house. We do not ignore any area in your home because it was cleaned the previous week. Our cleaners are trained to be diligent and thorough. For commercial buildings, we offer weekly cleaning schedules that will guarantee the hygiene of your business space. Because it is a business space, we understand that the frequency of activities may generate dirt quickly. This is why we deliver a thorough cleaning service and help you develop a hygiene system that will manage dirt generated before the next cleaning schedule.

Our Cleaning Services
We are after the cleanliness of your space, so we do everything in our power to clean efficiently and put systems in place to help you manage your space. Our residential and commercial cleaning services are flexible and affordable. Port St. Lucie has made cleaning so easy for you. All you need to do is contact us, and we will take it from there.