Oven and Refrigerator Cleanings

​The oven and the refrigerator are kitchen equipment that is susceptible to getting dirty due to their frequent use and the purpose they serve. In order to enjoy using them for an extended period, you have to ensure that they are cleaned regularly and thoroughly. At Port St. Lucie Maid and Cleaning Services, we offer a special cleaning service that covers ovens and refrigerators. We know they are kitchen equipment that are used for cooking and keeping food. That is why we ensure that we do an excellent job of cleaning them when you call on us. We have staff specially trained to handle the cleaning of ovens and refrigerators.

Uses Of Ovens And Types Of Dirt In An Oven
An oven is a kitchen equipment that serves as many purposes as possible. Ovens can be used for baking, cooking, warming refrigerated food, drying, and heating food. Types of ovens include earth oven, double oven, and the most common oven, the microwave oven. An oven gets dirty easily because of what it is used for, which is food-related. Oil stains, crumbs of food are some of the types of dirt that your oven may be exposed to. You must clean your oven regularly to avoid unpleasant odors oozing out of your oven.

How We Can Help You Clean Your Oven
We offer professional oven cleaning services that will leave your oven as good as new. When you engage our cleaning services, we use oven cleaning techniques that are guaranteed to leave you in awe and will give you value for your money. As part of our oven cleaning services and ensuring we deliver top quality cleaning services, we use baking soda, water, and vinegar to clean spilled food and oil on the turntable or the oven floor and walls. Lemon juice, dish soap, and commercial cleansers are other cleaning materials you can use to clean your oven. Oven cleaning seems like something you can do, but when it comes to using the appropriate cleaning method with the right amount of cleaning materials, you may need an expert cleaning service like ours.

Uses And Types  Of A Refrigerator
A refrigerator is mainly used to store food items to preserve them for future consumption. A refrigerator lowers the temperature to reduce the production of bacteria that causes food spoilage. Types of refrigerators include absorption refrigerator, magnetic refrigerator, compressor refrigerator, and Peltier refrigerator.

Our Refrigerator Cleaning Techniques
We use professional refrigerator cleaners that will clean both the interior and exterior of your refrigerator and leave it as good as new. We use appropriate cleaning materials, and our cleaning methods are guaranteed to leave you satisfied with our cleaning services. We will remove all the trays, removable shelves, wires, and hand wash them with warm water and dish soap. For the fridge’s interior, we use baking soda and water to scrub and clean all the parts, and then we wipe it dry with a dry cloth. We are cautious of offensive odors that may be caused by the cleaning materials used. We use cleaning materials that will not leave any foul smell after cleaning. Call us today, and you will get the value for your money.