Move In and Move Out Cleanings

We offer move in and move out cleaning services for people in Port St. Lucia and its environs. When you decide to clean your space, whether you’re moving in or moving out, it benefits you and the other person moving in or out of the space. Cleaning an empty house could be quite daunting because you do not have the excuse of having a gadget or household furniture in the way. At Port St. Lucia, we will take care of your move-in or move-out cleaning so you can focus squarely on your moving.

Our Move Out Cleaning Services
If you’re moving out and want to leave the space looking as presentable as possible for the person moving in, you need a move-out cleaning service. We offer move out cleaning services for your apartment. Our cleaning services will thoroughly clean your kitchen cabinets, stoves, microwaves, and baseboards. We will also sweep and vacuum all the room floors and scrub the bathtub, shower, and toilets. We ensure we touch all the rooms and we perform cleanings ranging from dusting to washing. All these cleanings will be down to your satisfaction, and you are sure to get value for your money.

Our Moving In Cleaning Services
Moving into a new apartment can be a busy task, so much so that you may want to postpone the thorough cleaning of the space before you move in. You may be tempted to move your things in and do the little cleaning you can with your properties inside. Port St. Lucie Maid and Cleaning Services is here to relieve you of the worry of cleaning when moving in. After cleaning and you eventually move in, we can also help you clean dirt residue generated during moving in. Our cleaners are professionals that use efficient and standard cleaning methods that will guarantee a clean new apartment. We use cleaning materials and solutions that will bring out the beat in your new apartment.

The Flexibility Of Our Move In and Move Out Cleaning Services
When it comes to our cleaning services, we are flexible enough to allow you to determine where you want us to pay more attention to. The reason for this is that in the past, we have had clients who would want some spaces in the room untouched, probably because of an intended remodeling. We can help you clean the parts you specify for us and help you clean the remaining part, probably when you’re done with the remodeling.

Affordability And Top Quality Cleaning Services
What you get with us is guaranteed to leave you satisfied at the end of our cleaning job. Our move-in and move-out cleaning services are affordable to everyone and available to people in Port St. Lucia and its environs. Our staff are well trained in cleaning and handling your properties when cleaning, and they are easy to relate with. We also ensure we equip them with the right equipment when they are going out for a cleaning job.