Deep Cleanings

As part of our cleaning services at Port St. Lucia maid and cleaning services, we offer deep cleaning services for spaces that require them. There are many reasons why your space may need a deep cleaning for it to return to its original state. These reasons may not be due to your negligence. Whatever the reason may be, and you feel that you cannot adequately clean your space, call on us because we specialize in deep cleaning services. Our deep cleaning services will blow your mind all at an affordable rate.

What Does Deep Cleaning Mean?
As the name suggests, deep cleaning is a form of cleaning that touches the nooks and crannies of your space to bring out hidden dirts that you may not ordinarily see during your regular cleaning. Deep cleaning goes beyond the regular surface cleaning you do by yourself and may require you getting the help of a professional cleaning service contractor like Port St. Lucia Maid and Cleaning Services. Deep cleaning is not something you do every day, which is why certain spaces in your building gather dirt over time and require professional hands and equipment that will ensure a quality deep cleaning job.

Different Between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning
Regular cleanings are what you do every day, as they are easy cleaning tasks that do not require any form of skill set or heavy lifting. It is a surface cleaning of a particular place, especially places that are easily noticeable to guests. Something as simple as a duster, broom, and water is usually enough for regular cleaning. On the other hand, deep cleaning requires more attention, manpower, and equipment to clean because of the space you’re cleaning. Because of the stress involved, doing deep cleaning of your space all by yourself may not give you a satisfactory job, which is why you should contact us at Port St. Lucia Maid and Cleaning Services. We deliver top-notch cleaning services that extend to deep cleanings of your space.

Places That Require Deep Cleaning In your Space
It is essential to know the places in your space that will require deep cleaning from time to time. There are many hidden spots in places like the kitchen that the usual regular cleaning doesn’t cover. Places like under the sink, behind the washing machine, dishwasher, and other kitchen appliances will require deep cleaning with time. This will require adequate manpower and cleaning tools you may not possess should you want to undertake the task. Other places that require deep cleaning include bathroom walls, showerheads, window blinds, and ovens.

Cleaning Equipment Used For Deep Cleaning
To ensure the dispersed result after deep cleaning, you need to use the right cleaning tools. At Port St. Lucie Maid and Cleaning Services, we use deep cleaning equipment such as scrub free and Acid-based solutions for tiles and grout cleaning. We also use cleaning tools such as microfiber cloths, Scrubby sponges, extendible dusters, toilet brushes, and vacuum cleaners.